Homage to Kriss


This Painting – Homage to Kriss, is part of Comic Art Crypto Spiral Women series

  • Artist: Roberto Piaia
  • Title: Homage to Kriss
  • Technique: Oil on canvas.
  • Material: Cotton canvas
  • Year: 2011
  • Dimensions: 2020 × 4000 px
  • Painting: Downloadable


Executive Poetics of the Homage to Kriss

All the painting how Homage to Elena are created with basic pencil sketch drawing and oil on canvas.

In his processes of figurative and chromatic composition and decomposition, Piaia exalts  the woman as an emblem of life and generative ability. Both as eros both as ideal of  beauty, of  harmony which mobilize the senses and the imagination.

Capture the colors of the rainbow to transport you, through a thousand shades of oil, on the paintings. It depicts bodies, portraits, objects and genre scenes through an impeccable hyper-realism. The final touch is done by illuminating the work with coloured sparks, transporting visions toward a dream-like, unreal state.

Homage to Kriss. The artistic universe created by Piaia represents a unique fusion of languages ​​and currents, a swirl of colors and shapes which converge smoothly and seamlessly bringing together abstraction, classic figuration and surrealism.

This is his signature style, very personal, that the same Piaia baptized with the term Assurfivo, summing up in one word, the concepts of abstract, surreal and figurative: with this definition, the artist immediately expressed the varied aspects of his personality and his artistic research.

Fabrizio Fantino | Art Historian

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