Drawing- MissLanna the Provocative


This Drawing – MissLanna the Provocative, is part of Comic Art Crypto Spiral Women series

  • Artist: Roberto Piaia
  • Title: Drawing- MissLanna the Provocative
  • Technique: Pencil, ink.
  • Material: Drawing paper
  • Signed: Yes, hand signed
  • Year: 2019
  • Dimensions: 3227 × 4000 px
  • Drawing: Downloadable


Executive Poetics of the drawing- MissLanna the Provocative

Roberto Piaia has given rise to the imagination creating one Comic Art.

So, here’s the new idea: every page is enriched with Piaia’s images in Statues, Paintings and Drawings.  The Text, which is the result of Carmen De Guarda’s  imagination, contributes with a strong Female feeling, to Piaia’s artistic expression.

And a collectible comic is born of this union:

  • Unique! Because in the vast comic book market, statues and paintings aren’t normally   included in the layout.
  • Vibrant! Because the story is packed with strength and intense feelings.
  • Controversial! Because both the images and the written words are ambiguous, mysterious, enigmatic…
  • In addition, this is the first of a series, therefore it’s destined to increase the value over time…

Drawing- MissLanna the Provocative.

And it’s from the beautiful and majestic Galaxy of the Andromeda constellation. Consisting of hundreds of billions of stars. Formed from the center with gigantic spiral arms, which kicks off the science fiction Saga of Piaia.

Beyond the imaginary, the main characters are immersed in the emotions and feelings that involve each person’s being without distinction.

Told through a mix of erotism and candor, esotericism and transparency, the journey winds through   a great many unexpected events. The character aspects – positive or negative as they may be – emerge unexpectedly.

Women who are prone to peace – like the Queen Eva – from sensitive and sweet, transforms herself into a panther to defend her Daughters. The arrogance of Aisha, who knows how will it be…!

For this reason, watching and reading this comic book is a way to immerge yourself in the beauty of art and fly away with your imagination­.

Drawing- MissLanna the Provocative. You can download the magazine, comic book Eva the Spiral Woman, it directly on iTunes Store or Roberto Piaia.

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