Crypto Spiral Women


A New Era Begins.

From the dawn of time, while the earth was still a ball of fire; while the oceans were still little drops floating in the cosmos; while humans and animals still wandered the universe like little lights trembling aimlessly…

Splendid Goddesses of dazzling beauty, with spiral bodies cloaked in light, possessed the Milky Way.

They are Queen Eva and his warriors of Light, their home was the Andromeda galaxy. Their palace was made up of thousands rainbow colors. That sparked and floated lightly among the stars. One day, flying with golden wings, they ARRIVED TO THE PLANET EARTH from the infinite universe!

They appear peaceful, full of magic and mystery. But is it really like that or just deception? You can discover the mystery by accompanying the goddesses on their journey…


Crypto Light Warriors

This CRYPTO SPIRAL WOMAN adventure begins with the majestic Andromeda galaxy, where Queen Eva reigns an empire with her warriors.

The light of harmony and love rules in this empire, and this causes hatred, envy with Aisha and her evil and rival followers. They come from a place in the black hole, hidden somewhere on the outskirts of the Milky Way. With their evil intent, they succeed in destroying the peaceful world of Andromeda with a mass of gravitational waves. 

As long as the constellation does not regenerate, they are forced to flee! 

Crypto Darkness Warriors

Beyond the imaginary, the main characters are immersed in the emotions and feelings that involve each person’s being without distinction.

Told through a mix of erotism and candor, esotericism and transparency, the journey winds through a great many unexpected events. The character aspects – positive or negative as they may be – emerge unexpectedly.

Women who are prone to peace – like the Queen Eva – from sensitive and sweet, transforms herself into a panther to defend her Daughters. The arrogance of Aisha, who knows how will it be…!

For this reason, watching and reading this comic book is a way to immerge yourself in the beauty of art and fly away with your imagination­.

Atina the guardian

Lucia the Dragon

Tribe the Bat